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Whether you’re a $100K business or a $100M business, CPI has the expertise, the flexibility, and the experience to handle all your business needs. From laptops to servers to managed services to professional service — “we got the goods.” With a product line of over 5M and services to match, we’re more than confident that we can meet your IT needs…

About Us

Communications Professionals Inc. is an Information Technology firm whose specialization lies in the ability to take our clients from hardware and software solutions to custom design, implementation, and management. With more than 20 years since our start, Communications Professionals has grown our clientele in a variety of verticals, expanded our product lines, increased our certifications and services, and have become one of the premier IT companies in the nation. Boasting a product line of over 5M, including the acquisition of top tier engineers, top rate certifications, and strategic partnerships, we have the infrastructure to take your company to the next level.

Delivering superior service has been a staple in our business since inception. As demand for IT solutions lends itself towards keeping a watchful eye on the fast moving pace of the information technology environment, we take pride in being a trusted resource and partner of our clients, no matter the vertical. Whether it’s federal, state or local government, healthcare, hotels and gaming, small, medium or commercial business, Communications Professionals has the expertise to deliver quality, efficient, and effective solutions that are mindful of your company’s future.

With a work force consisting of seasoned management, certified engineers, experienced project managers, and highly trained field techs, CPI has transitioned from hardware and software integrator to an expert in complete life cycle management. Partnering with our clients and dedicated to their growth, we’re able to work with them in accomplishing the goals set for their company … we’ve done it for 20 years – and we’ll do it for more than 20 more.


Communications Professionals has worked over the years to perfect the logistics from quote to delivered. We have award winning customer service and are preferred vendors to many in the government sector. Communications Professionals is dedicated to streaming your purchasing needs.


Communications Professionals is a small minority company with over 17 years of great government service. Our staff is tailored to make sure you get your product(s) the quickest and our seasoned sales team work to get you the best pricing, corporate or government. Communications Professionals has got you covered.

Key Personnel

President Owner

Andrew Wallace

In early 2002, Andrew Wallace landed huge accounts in the auto industry. Given his background and expertise, he was able to talk to the engineers, the salespeople, and the IT people. He offered dynamic solutions, new products, and gained a reputation amongst the purchasing agents of being a trusted adviser. In early 2005, Wallace began to see a change in his business. Many of the auto companies that made up almost 87% of his business began to shrink budgets, cut staff, ask for extensions in credit, demand higher terms,and file for bankruptcy. Looking for stability in a client, – due to the demand for IT – he began to look for his niche market. After six months, Communications Professionals completely changed its business model to deal almost exclusively with the federal marketplace. The market showed stability, growth,and a steady demand.

Vice President of Operations

Nathaniel Wallace

Nathaniel L. Wallace is Vice President of Operations at Communications Professionals Inc. In addition to managing the day to day and financial operations of CPI, Mr. Wallace is charged with the negotiation and procurement of federal contract vehicles as well of the execution of teaming agreements within the vehicles sphere. Since his start in 2008, he has transitioned CPI from 45% federal business to 68% as of 2012, which also stands as CPI’s most profitable year. Mr. Wallace also heads up business development including strategic positioning in the public and private sector, strategic partnerships, contract negotiation, and the overall creation, design, and implementation of new market infrastructure.

Communications Professionals, Inc. has been in the Federal Government Business for 20+ years. CPI currently has seven Strategic GSA Schedules in place and working on more…

Operating as an African American owned business, CPI consistently maintains a track record of satisfied clients and extraordinary service.

Our world class creative team ensures the quality of our work by meeting the needs of the customer from start to finish. Whether it’s logo design, website creation, illustration, art direction, or brand development we got you covered!


Vast experience for variety of industries.

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